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A few years ago, my brother offered me a free trip to Italy with his family, thanks to extensive frequent flyer miles that were about to expire. We visited the Amalfi Coast and spent four days on the island of Capri, a place that still fills my soul whenever I think about it.

From the moment I set foot on the island from the little ferry that transported us from Napoli, or as we English-speaking louses call it, Naples, I became obsessed with setting a story on the island. There was so much to the place that to me screamed as the perfect love idyll.

First of all, the island is ancient and its medieval roads so narrow they don’t accommodate cars.

So, they don’t allow them.

There are a few locals who keep cars there but it seems pointless since they are confined to designated spots. Of course, being in a place with no traffic, no honking, no traffic signals, etc. is like stepping back in time.

Of course the food is superb and each little cafe is its own unique, delightful experience. I could go on and on about the food and the friendly way people invite you to Sunday lunch when they don’t even know you. Sunday afternoon is full of smiles, the scent of lemons heavy on the air. Even the insects seem woozy from the ambrosia-like taste of even the water.

We left the island with lots of tears and promises to return. About a year later, Relentless Passion was born. I wrote it fairly quickly, the characters as real to me as a crisp, chilled glass of the island’s favorite limoncello.

The sequel, Relentless Love came to me soon after and then I came up with the third story after I read a very funny column online about the terrible dog poop problem this walking island has. The mayor was forced to institute a doggie DNA program to discover who the culprit was who kept letting his dog leave his business in the middle of the tiny, twisting roads.

Of course, I thought this would be a hilariously embarrassing job for my supercop, Antonio. And since Antonio was making a return, so is his beloved life partner, Zeca, whose irresponsible twin brother, Alex found lasting love with his man, Hugh in book two of the series.

In book three, which has been published as Isle of Capri, the twins’ long-lost cousin, Marius, arrives extremely distraught after he’s quit his role on a hot British soap opera to move to Greece and spend his time writing. He soon learns all his hard-earned money has been stolen. His business investments are a  flop.

Love has a way of finding itself in Capri however, as Antonio is fond of pointing out.

Here is the blurb for Isle of Capri

British soap star Marius Treadway’s week has gone to hell. Still reeling from a failed romance, he quit his TV show only to learn that his sizable business investments are nothing but scams. Depressed and needing time to rethink his future, he travels to the island of Capri to visit his long-lost Uncle Toppy and twin cousins, Zeca and Alex.

At first, life seems relaxing and enjoyable on the sun-drenched, lemon-scented island, but it soon becomes clear that Alex’s private hotel is being targeted for crime, possibly because it’s gay-owned. Then, one of the oldest gay business owners in Capri Town finds his store trashed.

Determined to help his family, Marius soon meets dazzling Brazilian soccer player Crisanto Alvarez, who makes a play for him. Can it really be that, underneath it all, the isle of Capri is a healer of hearts?

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NOTE: The giveaway will run until Wednesday, April 24, 2013. If the winner has not read the first two books in the series, A.J. will add electronic copies of each of them to the prize.

Behind the Name, Storm Moon Press and Its Imprints

SMP Blog Tour 2013

Thank you to Rainbow Book Reviews for having us on the blog. It’s so great to celebrate our third anniversary and enter our fourth year! Exciting things are afoot at Storm Moon Press!

One of the questions I get asked most often―other than what I might be actively acquiring―is where the name of the press and its imprints came from. It’s not a very complicated answer, and it tells a lot about who we, behind the press, are.

When we decided to officially become an LLC, we needed a name for ourselves. I’ve identified as pagan for as long as I can remember, and when it came time to choose a name, I turned to my pagan roots for an answer. It’s an old tradition that each full moon in a month was given a name, and it’s there that I looked for our name. I’ve always been fascinated by moon rituals, stories of insanity during the full moon, and even have a character I’m writing based on the The Moon tarot card. In fact, whenever I do spreads for tarot for myself, The Moon often shows up for me. So, our name needed to have ‘moon’ in it somewhere.

K. Piet (my business and writing partner) was born in March, and so was I. I looked to the March names for the full moon. The primary name was Storm Moon, though there were also Crow Moon, Sugar Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon, and about half a dozen others. None of them really struck like Storm Moon, though. Add to it the color correspondence for the March full moon, green (K.’s favorite color) and purple (my favorite color), we thought it was really meant to be! And so, in January of 2010, Storm Moon Press was born!

When it came time to name the imprints that would be associated with Storm Moon Press, it made sense to, once again, turn to the names of the moon. I picked up my book and wrote down all known names for every moon, and then brought the list to K. and Roger (our other business partner). We sat down and went over every name, narrowing it down bit by bit until our list consisted of three names we thought expressed the feel of each imprint best.

Wild Moon Press, our heterosexual imprint. This, actually, isn’t an official reference to a moon. I put ‘wild’ in front of ‘moon’ and ‘press’ because I felt that’s what the imprint was. We didn’t really want run-of-the-mill het fiction. We wanted fiction that pushed the envelope, that challenged our readers and took them on a wild ride.

Thunder Moon Press, our non-erotic QUILTBAG imprint. Thunder Moon refers to the July full moon when wind and storms can be at their worst. It’s a bold month, beginning the second half of the year, and we wanted Thunder Moon Press to be bold, to be something new, to be an imprint where authors could take their works that weren’t romances, weren’t erotic, and give them a proper home.

And finally, Budding Moon Press, our young adult QUILTBAG imprint. It refers to the April full moon, the full moon of growth. Of renewal. Of beginning. It’s exactly what Budding Moon Press is. We feel that the best investment for us is in fiction geared toward QUILTBAG youths. It’s a demographic without much representation, and most of what is represented is still romance centric. We wanted QUILTBAG young adult stories that are not just romances. We also want fantasy, science fiction, horror, paranormal, anything and everything under the sun a young adult struggling for content with their gender and sexual orientation might want to read. Budding Moon Press is one of Storm Moon Press’ most important imprints, and it’s the one we’re most aggressively seeking submissions for.

What’s in a name? At Storm Moon Press, quite a lot. We’ve put a lot of thought into our name and into the names of our imprints. Our names tell readers and authors exactly what each one is about, what we’re seeking, what we’re publishing. Of course, the name is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see each imprint flourishing with fiction to please whatever mood a reader happens to be in that day!

S.L. Armstrong is the Managing Editor for Storm Moon Press. She is also the co-author of Making Ends Meet and Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley. S.L. can be found at or on Twitter @_slarmstrong.

Giveaway Opportunity!

This guest post is part of Storm Moon Press’ 3rd Anniversary Blog Tour! Comment on this post or any other post on the blog tour with your e-mail address, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize of receiving 1 FREE e-book each month of 2013 from that month’s new releases for a total of 12 free e-books! Runners up will receive a $25 gift certificate to their choice of Amazon or All Romance eBooks. For more details and to find out about our 3rd Anniversary, head over to Storm Moon Press’ Official Blog. Thanks for joining us!

Riptide Publishing Turns 1 Year Old This Month

First of all, let me say “Congratulations!” to the entire team at Riptide. Making it through the first year as a publisher is quite an achievement, and from everything I have seen in the last twelve months, you are well on the road to success. Long may it continue!

From a reviewer’s perspective, seeing a new publisher enter the market is always exciting. There is a number of new books, all of which want to join the never-ending To-Be-Read pile, sometimes there are new authors, and, in this case, an entirely new way of presenting details about books. I found the “additional details” that can be found on Riptide’s web site to be extremely helpful; they certainly made my task of which books to review a lot easier.

So far, I have only reviewed five Riptide books, but not for lack of trying! Looking back now I regret that it has been only five. I enjoyed reading all of them, and am determined to do better next year. J In case you are curious, here are the ones I managed to read and review (click the link to read the entire review):

Master Class (Master Class 1) by Rachel Haimowitz

Master Class delivers what it promises: a gritty tale about a man who wants to be dominated, and even he has no idea how much, or how deep this need really goes. The story focuses on the humiliation and pain he goes through, without, at first, giving any hint as to why he wants this. It made for somewhat disturbing reading, at least for me, but certainly held my attention.

Surprises (Romeo Club 1) by Brita Addams

Don sets out to gain control over his (dating) life, and ends up learning that control isn’t everything. With a sense of humor that made me smile and a level of curiosity that would have killed a cat (but, luckily, not Don) he explores what it means to be taken care of, and how much a few surprises can enhance his libido.

Rubbed the Right Way (Romeo Club 2) by Brita Addams

Have you ever wondered what an erotic massage feels like? This story should answer most of your questions. It is slow, sensuous and without emotional entanglements, much like the first story in this series. The focus is on erotic pleasure between willing partners, not relationships.

Country Mouse by Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov

Wow, this is such an all-round wonderful, funny, and amazing story, I don’t even know where to start. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first – like many others I wasn’t sure about what to expect from this pair of authors working together. The result, I am happy to report, is as delightful as it is emotionally rewarding.

Where You Hurt the Most by Anne Brooke

Hurt and pain can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes it is very visible, as is the case with Dan who carries his scars on the outside. Sometimes it isn’t visible at all, because the scars are on the inside – and the man who carries them isn’t even aware of them. Those are easy to ignore since they are not seen, but they are no less serious. This story offers an interesting look at both types of hurt and the men who end up helping each other.

In summary I’d like to wish you further success, that you may keep up the good work, so that I can have some more great books to review in your second year.

I am also happy to announce that Riptide Publishing will give away $10 in store credit to a commenter who comments here, with their email address, before 11/4/12 at 11:59 pm.

Good luck everyone!



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Welcome to the Follow the Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop! In celebration of our new review site, Rainbow Book Reviews invited authors to join us in promoting our site and several answered our call along with publishers who wished to join us by donating prizes.

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Riptide Publishing – 5 readers their choice of any of the following books, each the first in their series – 5 winners:

Dark Soul vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov

Pretty Monsters (Josh of the Damned book #1) by Andrea Speed

Power Play: Resistance by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant

Surprises (Romeo Club #1) by Brita Addams

Silver Publishing – 3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Silver Publishing – 3 winners

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We have had a lot of very positive reactions from publishers – who want to participate in our Grand Opening Event by donating yet more prizes! This is he list of generous contributions we have received so far:

Amber Allure
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1 voucher for the website, worth $25

Riptide Publishing
5 readers their choice of any of the following books, each the first in their series:

Dark Soul vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov

Pretty Monsters (Josh of the Damned book #1) by Andrea Speed

Power Play: Resistance by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant

Surprises (Romeo Club #1) by Brita Addams

Silver Publishing
3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Silver Publishing

Torquere Press
3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Torquere Press
2 gift vouchers for $10 each for Prizm (the YA imprint)

Untreed Reads
3 coupons worth $10 each

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