December Holiday Reviews 2012 – One A Day – #30

To get everyone into the mood for celebrating winter, the final month of the year, or any of the many religious and non-religious festivals that will occur this month, we’re showcasing reviews for a range of holiday-themed books here. One a day, and since the books on the web site are all from this year, we’re giving books from previous years some extra attention here on the blog. I hope you’ll join us in having a look at the “Golden Oldies”!

This story “has magic, struggling lovers and tough decisions with potentially fatal results, as well as a little elf fighting for his (mental) freedom”, reviewed by Serena. You can also find the full review on the Rainbow Book Reviews site by clicking here.


Book Blurb

Being stranded in rural Yorkshire on Christmas Eve offers Elijah and Dust a romantic vacation from their dangerous work, until a strange man with unfathomable motives appears in need of their assistance.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes MM and MMM scenes.

Book Review

I liked this story a lot. It has magic, struggling lovers and tough decisions with potentially fatal results, as well as a little elf fighting for his (mental) freedom. All of the above make for a great mix, and even though this book is a spin-off from a series (one I haven’t read), I found it easy to follow and enjoyable. I liked the mix of ‘real world’ and the magic elements that are introduced into it.

Elijah is the human who tries to defend his lover, Dust, from a sorcerer who is intent on making Dust his slave. Rather than allow this, Elijah will do anything to fight the evil man, ready to die himself if needed.

This heroism inspires Wisp, an enslaved elf, to start thinking about his own situation. The promise of freedom seems more scary than hopeful at first, but Wisp makes great progress as the story develops.

Dust loves Elijah more than his life, and is just as ready to suffer and die for him as Elijah is. He is more skeptical toward the elf at first, and the challenge for him is to learn to trust someone other than Elijah.

If you like stories about battles for freedom, if magic is your thing and if evil sorcerers don’t scare you, you may like this short story.
DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Silver Publishing for the purpose of a review.

Buy the book here.

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