December Holiday Reviews 2012 – One A Day – #21

To get everyone into the mood for celebrating winter, the final month of the year, or any of the many religious and non-religious festivals that will occur this month, we’re showcasing reviews for a range of holiday-themed books here. One a day, and since the books on the web site are all from this year, we’re giving books from previous years some extra attention here on the blog. I hope you’ll join us in having a look at the “Golden Oldies”!

This story “is a perfect, highly romantic Christmas story”, reviewed by Serena. You can also find the full review on the Rainbow Book Reviews site by clicking here.


Book Blurb

Derek left his small town in Ontario, Canada five years ago to become a big New York City editor. He also left Sterling, a man he loved but couldn’t commit to. Derek decides it’s time to go home for Christmas, to reconnect with his sister and nephew, and his parents, who are getting older.

Sterling is still there, running the magazine they started together, in a house that they were supposed to share. And, still treated like a member of Derek’s family. Sterling is coming for Christmas.

Book Review

Such a perfect, highly romantic Christmas story. To have a reunion happen five years after one left for ‘the big city’, with both men still pretty much hung up on each other was a treat to read.

Of course Derek, the idiot who left, takes his own sweet time not just realizing but admitting his mistake. And when he takes the first step, he is surprised that Sterling holds back. But when he finally gets it – boy, do the sparks fly!

Sterling, on the other hand, supported by Derek’s entire family, is just the sweetest guy ever. Yes, he could have made Derek work harder for it, but that’s just not who he is. I really felt for him, and loved that he finally got what he wanted most.

The ‘conspiracy’, the hockey references and the descriptions of small town life were just icing on the cake. This is a great holiday read, extremely romantic without being too sweet. I loved it!(

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Extasy Books for the purpose of a review.

Buy the book here.

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