December Holiday Reviews 2012 – One A Day – #18

To get everyone into the mood for celebrating winter, the final month of the year, or any of the many religious and non-religious festivals that will occur this month, we’re showcasing reviews for a range of holiday-themed books here. One a day, and since the books on the web site are all from this year, we’re giving books from previous years some extra attention here on the blog. I hope you’ll join us in having a look at the “Golden Oldies”!

This story is ideal for those who “appreciate a little twist at the end of their stories”, reviewed by Serena, who thinks it is “a very cute Christmas story, which has all the ingredients to make me smile”. You can also find the full review on the Rainbow Book Reviews site by clicking here.


Book Blurb

Two weeks before Christmas, Luke meets Jamie, the hottest man he’s ever seen. Painfully aware that having a son makes him less dateable, Luke throws Jamie’s number away after their one amazing, passion-filled night together, thinking he will never see him again…

Book Review

This is a very cute Christmas story, which has all the ingredients to make me smile. Potential heartbreak threatens throughout, but thankfully never happens. The characters are real, have flaws and are very supportive of each other – sometimes in very unexpected ways. And the ending has an extra little twist which just makes the whole thing even better.

There is Luke, a single father who is determined to make sure his son, Reggie, doesn’t miss a thing. He is willing to go as far as to deny himself happiness. He thinks he has reason to expect nothing from another man; he has been disappointed once too often.

Reggie is an extremely cute kid, who understands a lot more than his father gives him credit for. In the unerring way some kids have, he takes care of Luke as much as his father could do it for himself. In a away, even better, because he has no preconceived notions about what ‘should happen’.

And Jamie, the man Luke meets but doesn’t believe will be interested is not only the perfect guy for him, he also has a ‘secret’ that is only revealed at the end, and in a very funny way.

If you like stories with kids, if a situation that turns from pretty desperate (romantically speaking) to absolutely perfect is what you want, and if you appreciate a little twist at the end that makes things even better, you will probably like this story as much as I did.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Silver Publishing for the purpose of a review.

Buy the book here.

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