December Holiday Reviews 2012 – One A Day – #8

To get everyone into the mood for celebrating winter, the final month of the year, or any of the many religious and non-religious festivals that will occur this month, we will showcase reviews for a range of holiday-themed books right here. One a day, and since the books on the web site are all from this year, we’ll give books from previous years some extra attention here on the blog. I hope you will join us in having a look at the “Golden Oldies”!

This is a “perfectly charming and totally sweet” Christmas story, reviewed by Serena, who said “it spoke to my inner romantic in a way very few stories do”. You can also find the full review on the Rainbow Book Reviews site by clicking here.


Book Blurb

Austrian exchange student Rudolph Stroh is spending his first Christmas abroad. With his family thousands of miles away, homesickness and loneliness are Rudy’s only holiday companions.

Benjamin Tinge is a nineteen year old college dropout. A family tragedy left him and his little brother, Tommy, homeless and living in a tent in the park, struggling just to stay warm. Keeping Tommy alive as a blizzard rolls in is all Benji wants for Christmas.

When Rudy discovers the brothers huddled in their tent behind a holiday display, he offers to help. Benji is wary, afraid to trust. Can the two mend each other’s hearts as Christmas Eve draws near?

Book Review

What a wonderful fairy-tale-like story! Perfectly charming and totally sweet, it spoke to my inner romantic in a way very few stories do. Yes, it is almost too perfect to be true, and what happens is totally miraculous, but if you can’t have that in a Christmas story – when can you?

Rudy is a lonely exchange student who wants nothing more than a family to take care of. He misses his parents and younger brothers. So when he finds Benji, a homeless guy he’s seen working at the coffee shop he frequents, and his younger brother, Tommy, trying to survive a snow storm in a tent in the park, he takes them into his apartment. Yes, it is fast, but I thought the gesture was very touching.

Benji is very proud and doesn’t want to accept charity. He slowly begins to see that raising his younger brother on his own, after their parents died in a car crash, isn’t possible. He is also very attracted to Rudy, even if he initially isn’t sure if it could become more.

If you want realism and conflict, this is not the story for you. If you’d like to forget the ‘real’ world for a little while and enjoy a modern fairy tale as you watch two guys fall in love, you might like this story. I definitely liked it a lot!

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Silver Publishing for the purpose of a review.


Buy the book here.

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