December Holiday Reviews 2012 – One A Day – #5

To get everyone into the mood for celebrating winter, the final month of the year, or any of the many religious and non-religious festivals that will occur this month, we will showcase reviews for a range of holiday-themed books right here. One a day, and since the books on the web site are all from this year, we’ll give books from previous years some extra attention here on the blog. I hope you will join us in having a look at the “Golden Oldies”!

This is a great short read, reviewed by Serena, who thought it was a very Christmas-y, sweet romance. You can also find it on the Rainbow Book Reviews site by clicking here.


Book Blurb

Derek Campbell is working a couple of jobs to help pay off some debts from his mother’s illness. One job is playing Santa at Martin’s Department Store. On a break he’s alone and lamenting the lack of love in his life and that no one really sees him. A small voice tells him that he sees him. Derek looks down to find an elf beside him. Said elf is in need and Derek helps him out, not knowing that he is going to meet the man of his dreams.

Max Martin is a busy man, CEO of all the Martin’s empire, father to Michael, and in need of help in many areas. Derek steps up to the plate offering help in several of those areas, including one that Max wasn’t aware of. He hadn’t known how badly he needed someone to love him, to make his life whole. There is fun, laughter, romance, jealousy, revenge, heartache, fear, and it’s Christmas, so, a happy ending.

Book Review

This is a very sweet, very romantic, and definitely Christmas-y story.

I loved Derek who tries so hard to earn enough money to pay his deceased mother’s medical bills. He’s also desperate for some real love and holds on with both hands when he finds it.

Max may be somewhat distracted by his job, but once he starts paying closer attention to what his son needs and sees how Derek can help, there’s no stopping him.

And Michael, the little boy who started it all, was simply adorable. Maybe wiser than his years, but I’ve seen this with children who lose one or both parents early.

Definitely a story to cheer you up when you’re down, I recommend this if you’re looking for a quick read with lots of emotion.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been purchased by the reviewer.

Buy the book here.

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