Reviews this week: Sunday, August 26 – Saturday, September 1, 2012

These weekly posts are meant to give you a different way of accessing reviews. Especially for everyone who is busy during the week and can’t always spend lots of time surfing the Internet. And let’s face it: who isn’t busy?

So, in chronological order from old to new, here are the books we reviewed, with a link to the review post on the web site. Just click the title to find out more:

* * *

Cry Wolf (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 2) by Shannon West at Secret Cravings Publishing

* * *

Blood Howl (Sanguis Noctis 1) by Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell at Dreamspinner Press

* * *

Down on the Farm by D.C. Juris at Torquere Press

* * *

Strengthened By Fire (By Fire 2) by Andrew Grey at Dreamspinner Press

* * *

Texas Hard (Texas Soul 2) by Sara York

* * *

Opposing Rhythms (Impressions 3) by Talia Carmichael at Total-E-Bound

* * *

The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play by Sean Michael at Torquere Press

* * *

Campus Visit by Stella Huerto at Dreamspinner Press

* * *

Seasons of Change by Allison Cassatta at Silver Publishing

* * *

Singing Her Alive by Diana K. Perkins at Friesen Press

* * *

Beneath the Surface by Kate Sherwood at Dreamspinner Press

* * *

Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts on anything concerning reviews right here.

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  1. Great idea, Serena!


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