Let’s Go To the Hop! The Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop Is Here!

Welcome to the Follow the Rainbow Book Reviews Blog Hop! In celebration of our new review site, Rainbow Book Reviews invited authors to join us in promoting our site and several answered our call along with publishers who wished to join us by donating prizes.

Rainbow Book Reviews is providing 4 Book Gift Vouchers (All Romance or Amazon) of $25.00 each and winners will be picked at random from comments posted on the Rainbow Book Reviews blog – right here! In addition to the prizes we are offering, the publishers  who are participating in our Grand Opening Event have donated even more prizes!

The publishers participating have generously donated the following giveaways:

Amber Allure – 3 downloads per day for a total of 9 downloads – 9 winners

Bold Strokes Books – 10 books in any format the winner chooses – 10 winners

Dreamspinner Press – 3 vouchers worth $20 each – 3 winners

Less Than Three Press – 1 voucher for the website, worth $25 – 1 winner

Riptide Publishing – 5 readers their choice of any of the following books, each the first in their series – 5 winners:

Dark Soul vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov

Pretty Monsters (Josh of the Damned book #1) by Andrea Speed

Power Play: Resistance by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant

Surprises (Romeo Club #1) by Brita Addams

Silver Publishing – 3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Silver Publishing – 3 winners

Torquere Press – 3 gift vouchers of $10 each for Torquere Press – 3 winners
2 gift vouchers for $10 each for Prizm (the YA imprint) – 2 winners

Untreed Reads – 3 coupons worth $10 each – 3 winners

Winners will be chosen at random from the comments on this blog, then we put them in touch with the publishers to collect their prizes. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address so we can contact you!

Below are the authors who have joined us. The theme of each author’s post will be ‘What Writing GLBTQ Literature Means to Me.’ Besides the prizes from publishers, each author is offering their own give-away, picked at random from a post by one of the commenters. Please visit each of the blogs, read the messages, leave comments and please remember to leave your e-mail address on each post.

1. Tara Lain

2. Jaime Samms

3. Jack Scott

4. Erastes

5. Gale Stanley

6. Amelia Gormley

7. Jon Michaelsen

8. Ana Bosch

9. D.C. Juris

10. Brandon Shire

11. Anne Barwell

12. Shira Anthony

13. Avril Ashton

14. Margie Church

15. Charlie Cochet

16. Sarah Madison

17. James Fessenden

18. H.C. Brown

19. Amelia June

20. Tali Spencer

21. M.A. Church

22. Ellen Holiday

23. Andrew Grey

24. Tempeste O’Riley

25. S. A. Garcia

26. V.S. Morgan

27. Harper Bliss

28. Lou Sylvre

29. Rowan Speedwell 

30.  R.J. Scott

31. Elin Gregory

32. Kendall McKenna

33. Katey Hawthorne

34. Zahra Owens

35. Caroline Stephens

36. Lucy Felthouse

37. Rick Reed

38. Jay Bell

39. Lori Toland

40. Larry Benjamin

41. Fierce Dolan

42. Margie Church

43. Barbara Winkes

44. Kaje Harper

45. Madison Parker

46. Liz Strange

47. Ryal Woods

48. Cameron Lawton

49.Whitley Grey

50. Helen Pattskyn

51. Z.A. Maxfield

52. S.A. McAuley

53. Marie Sexton

54. Julia Talbot

55. Caitlin Ricci

56. Vona Logan

57. Michael Thomas

58.  Kissa Starling

59. Megan Derr

60. Less Than Three Press LLC

61.Penny Brandon

62. Sasha Miller

63. Kelly Wrye

64. H.J. Raine

65. Elizabeth Noble

66. Ryan Loveless

67. Coffey Brown

68. PD Singer

69. K-lee Klein

70. Erica Pike

71. Adriana Kraft

72. Sean Michael

73. Andrea Speed

74. Laura Lee

75. A.J. Llewellyn

Many thanks to everyone who has helped to make this blog hop possible. To our readers, we hope you enjoy learning more about GBLTQ genre and the fantastic authors who willingly give us the gift of their time and talent to bring us enjoyment. Happy Hopping!

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  1. This sounds like fun. I look forward in discovering some new authors.

  2. What a great hop! Thanks for this.

  3. Juliana

     /  August 24, 2012

    I am a firm lover of Blog Hops! I really enjoyed the Hop Against Homophobia so this will be a great complement! All of these are great authors so I can’t wait to read their posts!
    OceanAkers @ aol.com

  4. Lordy, how I rambled. What else is new?

  5. Thank you for hosting this. I enjoyed writing about this topic. It’s nice to have a theme!

  6. June M.

     /  August 24, 2012

    This should be a really fun hop! I look forward to finding new authors/books to read. Thank you for the great hop and helping to support these books & authors.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  7. Whoa, another Blog Hop? *__* Great, I love them! 😀

  8. Midia

     /  August 24, 2012

    Count me in. I love Blog Hops. 🙂


  9. Ashley E

     /  August 24, 2012

    So glad I stumbled onto this hop through Tara Lain! If only I didn’t have to work today and I could start now…. 🙂

  10. andreanook

     /  August 24, 2012

    I love blog hops, they’re even better when my favorite authors are participating 🙂

  11. Jessica_klang

     /  August 24, 2012

    woah… great blog hop… =) hope to discover something new…


  12. Kelsey S.

     /  August 24, 2012

    Great hop. I found out about it through Tara Lain’s blog. Thanks for the opportunity!


  13. Thank you for allowing me to take part in the hop! This is a great prompt. I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say. 🙂

  14. Lawless

     /  August 24, 2012

    Thank you for doing this! It’s unclear whether the e-mail address has to be left on the comment, but on the assumption that the one that’s needed to log in is used as a gatekeeper and not retained, I’ll include it here: lawless523 at gmail dot com.

  15. Cindy

     /  August 24, 2012

    Finding new authors that I am eager to try out – Thanks for this!!

  16. Thanks for hosting the hop. I’m always interested in finding new to me authors.


  17. oooh. This looks like fun. Looking forward to finding new authors.

  18. I love blog hops. I’m always in need of new authors. Those are some amazing prizes. I found out about it through Tara Lain.

  19. K. Z. Snow

     /  August 24, 2012

    Ack! I’d intended to sign up, but it completely slipped my mind! You ladies have pulled together an impressive blog hop. Good luck with Rainbow Book Reviews!

  20. Josie

     /  August 24, 2012

    This looks interesting, thanks for putting it together.


  21. Anas K

     /  August 24, 2012

    Please enter me in! It sounds like fun!

    moonsurfer123 at gmail com

  22. Thanks for coordinating everything!!

  23. JoAnna B

     /  August 24, 2012

    I found this hop through Tara Lain. Thanks so much for this fabulous blog hop. Can’t wait to get to know some new authors.

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  24. Lisa

     /  August 24, 2012

    I just discovered this site through Tara Lain. Thanks for the blog hop and all the great giveaways!


  25. Avalie

     /  August 24, 2012

    Always enjoy blog hops and this one looks particularly good.

  26. So far I am loving the blog hop. Thanks for hosting it.

    hlholston @ zoho.com

  27. We can always count on you for support, Jay! Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

  28. I’ve loved this. Met so many fellow writers – it’s been a blast! Thanks Lena

  29. cameronlawton899(at)gmail(dot)com in case you forgot!

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